Why Buying a Fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser Can Be a Mistake

How Buying a Fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser Could Cause a Kitchen Renovation Blowout!

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How Buying a Fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser Could Cause a Kitchen Renovation Blowout!

The modern kitchen will have the latest and greatest in technology when it comes to appliances. One of those appliances known for its ingenuity is the fridge with ice and water dispenser. Not only can the fridge control the temperature of your food, it can dispense filtered cold water and ice with the press of a button.

But there are plumbing questions to ask when purchasing such a fridge. If you have a new build kitchen, considerable planning can be made for the water and electrical services.

However, if you are renovating an existing kitchen to gain profit for the potential sale of a home, this high-end appliance may give you more headaches than it’s worth.

You can purchase a plumbing-free fridge, which uses a water tank to make the ice and water. The disadvantage of this design is the tank has to be manually refilled. Also, consumers have complained the tank water produces a stale, fridge-like taste when dispensed. To avoid drinking water with a ‘fridge flavour,’ a fridge that requires a separate water connection is the best. 

Here are some plumbing points to consider when installing a fridge with ice and water dispenser.

fridge with ice and water dispenser

A water line may be difficult to install in an existing kitchen

It’s a pretty basic concept that a fridge that dispenses water will require its own water feed. This connection can be teed off the existing water line under the sink. The location of the sink to the fridge can make this installation a nightmare, especially if there is cabinetry or other appliances like an oven in the way. A plumber will charge considerable labour time and materials to run a water line to the fridge.

In some kitchens, the water feed is impossible to install as there may be open space or no cabinetry or walls to run the water line on. In this situation, it may be best to purchase a fridge without a water dispenser and install a filtered tap at the sink instead.

The fridge will need extra space for a water point connection

The space allocated for the fridge may be adequate, but when allowing for a water line, pressure limiting valve and water filter, these important plumbing fittings will take up space in the fridge cavity.

Each fridge will have its different requirements for installation. It is important to check the measurements of the fridge and make an allowance for water connections for the ice and water dispenser. The sales rep at the appliance store will be able to guide you on the best model for your space needs.

The cost of installing a fridge with ice and water dispenser can be difficult for a plumber to estimate as every kitchen layout is different from the other. The friendly team at Gladesville Plumbing can take a look at your kitchen and offer advice on the best way to run the cold water pipe to give you the necessary connection.

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