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Plumbing Problems That Happen In The Cooler Months

Plumbing problems are never a good thing, but when they happen in the cooler months they can cause havoc and costly damage! Plumbers see it all during a Sydney winter – from broken pipes to unsightly mould. If you’d like to get a head start and make sure your plumbing is spot on, here’s our checklist of the most common plumbing problems that occur in the cooler months – and how to manage them

Top 4 plumbing problems that are common in the cooler months

1. Broken pipes

Why are broken pipes more common in winter? Due to the cooler temperatures, water can freeze in the pipes. As frozen water expands, it places pressure on pipes, particularly if they are older pipes, and can cause them to burst. Leaks then occur when the water thaws out again. Loss of pressure and water damage often occur to indicate this has happened.

Check out your pipes before winter arrives to make sure your pipes are in good condition with no damage or weak spots.

2. Clogged and soggy gutters

With the increase of rainfall and moisture in the air during winter added to the debris and leaves from autumn, it’s likely your gutters will become clogged more easily on a regular basis. Blocked gutters mean that the water cannot drain away easily and will overflow, resulting in damage to roof spaces, ceiling areas, walls and floors. This can also mean the contents of your home could be damaged from the flooding that tends to occur in these situations.

Make sure you have your gutters proofed to avoid leaves and debris causing blockages. Otherwise you can clean them yourself on a regular basis or hire a professional to do the job.

3. Mould

What does mould have to do with plumbing problems you might ask? Well a lot if you have leaks from burst water pipes, a leaking roof or blocked gutters that can cause flooding. All of these areas can increase the likelihood of mould, due to excess moisture. This is particularly common in the winter months due to cooler temperatures and more moisture in the air.  Not only does mould have implications for the contents in your home, but it can also affect your family’s health.

Check your pipes for damage, make sure the roof is free of broken tiles or holes in the roof sheeting and clear out those gutters to avoid mould growth.

4. Hot water system

What’s the main thing you want on a chilly winter morning? Hot water! So it’s very likely that the time when the hot water system gets its biggest workout is during the cooler months. So when will it be likely to fail? When it’s cold!

It’s important that your hot water system has a check up before you hit the cooler months to avoid costly repairs and loss of hot water when you most need it.

Your local plumber in Sydney can help

Luckily, your local plumber can offer plenty of ideas on ways to prevent or fix these problems. A professional plumber is the best person to help you review and maintain your house to avoid common plumbing problems in the cooler months.

Your local Sydney plumber , based in Parramatta, is available to help you get your plumbing in tip top shape ready for winter. But if you leave it too late, they are also available 24 hours a day for all your emergency plumbing needs.  

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