Putney Plumbing Problems

Putney Plumbing Problems – Early Settlement Plumbing

Putney plumbing problems are not so different to the issues experienced by those living in Ryde and along the Parramatta River. However, the rich history of this suburb can help one understand some of the common plumbing issues experienced by Putney residents. 

The suburb of Putney

Putney is a suburb of Northwest Sydney known for its vast history, as it was one of the first early settlements. In fact, the brewer, James Squire, was one of the first to settle in the area. His brewery was established at Kissing Point which is now known as Ryde and in close proximity to Putney. 

Putney Plumbing Problems

The development of the area over the years has seen subdivisions of land for purchase to build homes or units. As the suburb is older, the plumbing certainly has a heritage, showing some of the earlier materials used in the day when waste and water services were introduced to the suburbs. These older plumbing systems come with problems and an urgent need for upgrades to prevent problems. Here are some of the plumbing problems in Putney to be aware of. 

Clay pipes prone to blockages

Clay pipes were used to remove waste water from the fixtures in the home. For some homes in Putney, this sewer line has never been touched. In the modern day, most of these lines are being replaced with PVC pipe. Clay pipes are known to crack from tree roots, which can cause constant blockages. The only way to prevent a routine callout to a plumber is to upgrade this waste line. 

Poor water pressure through gal pipes

Some homes in Putney also experience low water pressure. This is due to the significant decrease in the orifice of the pipes carrying water to the fixtures in the home. 

Galvanised steel pipe will rust internally inside and this sediment can cause water to turn brown, blockages in taps, and most frustrating of all, low water pressure. 

The cost to replace galvanised pipes in houses can vary greatly. Call Gladesville Plumbing to give a quote on replacement. 

Bathroom extensions

Many of the homes in Putney are older and are configured with one bathroom in the property. It makes sense for home owners to extend their homes or renovate to include a second bathroom for family convenience. 

Adding a bathroom to an existing property will require an inspection from a plumber to ascertain if the waste and water services can be connected for another bathroom. 

While this is not necessarily a plumbing problem in Putney, it’s certainly a consideration if you intend to purchase an older home in the area. 

If you run into Putney plumbing problems, be sure to call Gladesville Plumbing.

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