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Think You’re Cut Out for Bathroom Renovations? Here is What Our Bathroom Plumber Has to Say

Think You’re Cut Out for Bathroom Renovations? Here’s What Our Bathroom Plumber Has to Say

If your bathroom is in need of an update, it can be tempting to bypass a professional bathroom plumber. But don’t be deceived by the home renovating shows on TV that make bathroom renovating look like a breeze. What is shown on TV is not how it’s done in real life. Here is what our bathroom plumber has to say if you think you’re cut out for renovating your bathroom on your own.

1. It’s more work than you think.

It’s a common misconception that the bathroom, being one of the smallest rooms in the home, requires less time to renovate, but that’s not the case. A number of trades are needed to turn your bathroom into the dream space you have in mind. From demolition to rough in and fit-off, each stage of your renovation will require a number of trades working together or around each other to get each part of your bathroom renovation completed. There is a lot of work involved and it pays to have an experienced bathroom renovating company like Gladesville Plumbing to project manage the renovation.

Work with an experience bathroom renovating company and architect for the best bathroom design

Don’t underestimate the planning and design process in ensuring the bathroom layout is perfect. Many bathroom design fails have happened due to lack of experience and once the bathroom is fitted, there is nothing that can be done to fix the design. Engage with your project manager and architect to ensure the flow in your bathroom is perfect. Toilet placement is one of the biggest concerns, and many bathrooms get it wrong, just by having the entry door facing the loo.

2. Hire an experienced plumbing company to project manage your bathroom renovation

A plumber only does 1/3 of the work needed for your bathroom renovation. However, plumbing companies like Gladesville Plumbing can project manage your whole bathroom renovation project from start to completion. Their contractors will be the ones on site the majority of the time and will correctly organise the sequence of trades to work on your bathroom. Don’t take on the role of project manager unless you’ve had a bit of experience up your sleeve. Mistakes in booking trades when the bathroom is not ready can waste time and cost money.

Communicate with your plumber the specifications of fixtures chosen

Your choice of fittings and fixtures is import to the over design and feel of your bathroom. They also need to be functional with the space you’ve created. A vessel, overmount basin, will require a tall mixer to reach the bowl. If you choose to have a wall mounted vanity, your plumber MUST know this at rough in time to ensure the waste pipes for the basin are in the correct position. If the measurements and fixture specifications aren’t given to your plumber at the time of rough in, you may find yourself having to choose alternate fixtures that will suit where the existing water and waste services are in your bathroom.

There is a lot to think about when choosing to renovate your bathroom. It’s important to engage with professional tradies who can look after the renovation from start to finish.

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