Licensed Plumber - always check your Sydney plumber is properly licensed

Are You Hiring a Fully Licensed Plumber? Always Check!

Licensed Plumber - always check your Sydney plumber is properly licensed

Always Check Your Sydney Plumber is Fully Licensed

When looking for a licensed plumber, Sydney residents have many options. But the truth is that there are unethical tradespeople working without the necessary licences – and that puts you at risk.  

Plumbers in Sydney need to be licensed to do your plumbing work. Avoid the multiple risks associated with hiring an unlicensed and dodgy plumber. Find out what is required for a plumbing licence and how you can check your plumber has the right ones.  

What are the risks of hiring a plumber who isn’t licensed?

Financial Risks

Hiring an unlicensed plumber can end up costing you much more than you intended. Sometimes some prices can be way too good to be true, and you can end up sacrificing quality. In the end, your plumbing needs may not be properly met and you will have to spend more money fixing extra and unnecessary problems. 

Insurance Risks

Licensed plumbers have certain requirements and standards that we need to meet. Plumbers need to have liability insurance to protect you. Give yourself some peace of mind. Hire a licensed plumber who has your best interests in mind. If something unexpected happens, this ensures you won’t be held liable. 

Damage to Property

Plumbing is just one of those jobs that needs to be done right the first time. There is a standard that plumbers must meet to make sure we are properly trained and equipped to handle plumbing jobs. Otherwise, even just one broken pipe can end up causing a lot of damage to your home! Cleaning up a botched plumbing job will not be fun for you and can really hurt the value of your home. 

What is involved in becoming a licensed plumber?

In New South Wales, it is required to verify a plumber’s qualifications to legally work as plumber and gasfitter. No matter how small or big a job may be, NSW Fair Trading is strict with their requirements.  

After completing a plumbing apprenticeship and Certificate III in Plumbing, Sydney plumbers need to register themselves. To become licensed, a plumber will need a Cert IV in plumbing and then apply for their licence. There are multiple categories for specific plumbing work, so a plumber will need to apply for each licence that applies to them. 

These licences need to be renewed to ensure that your plumber is up to date and current. As you can see, a reliable plumber will go through these extensive requirements to get their license. 

How do I check if a plumber is licensed?

You can search your plumber on the NSW Fair Trading website in their registry of contractors and tradespeople. You can search them using your plumbing organisation’s name, license number and suburb. You may ask them for this information and search the registry. 

Of course, Gladesville Plumbing Services are properly licensed. Check the registry for yourself! We are the licensed plumber Sydney residents rely upon for a job well done! 

Contact us today for all your plumbing needs and emergencies. 


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