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Types of Hot Water Services

Are you in the market for a new hot water service? Our handy guide will explain the different types of hot water services available to you and help you to decide which system is just right for your household or workplace.

Continuous or storage hot water services?

The first step to deciding on your new hot water service is to work out what type of system you need. There are two main ways to have water heated for your home or business – a continuous hot water service or storage water heaters with a tank. If you need a small volume of hot water, continuous hot water services are better because you only heat the water you need, as you use it. For families or workplaces, a storage system is better because it has greater capacity to keep up with demand so the system is less likely to run out of hot water. A tank hot water service is able to deliver to several faucets at once more efficiently than a continuous hot water service.

Both services can run on different fuel types like gas, solar, electricity or heat pump, which is your next consideration.

Fuel type and running costs

Gas, electric, solar or heat pump are the most common ways to power your hot water appliance. Solar power is the most environmentally friendly fuel from this selection and is quite cost effective to run, but it can be expensive to install. Solar power hot water services will need either gas or electric back up or booster systems installed also. Whatever the energy source, choose one with a high energy star rating so your system is not wasting energy and costing you money.

Size matters – is bigger better?

The next item to review is the capacity of the various hot water services. Instantaneous water heaters need to have a flow rate to cope with the amount of hot water that is required at any one time. Hot water tanks need to store enough hot water for your demands.

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