Plumber and gasfitter finishing a hot water system installation.

Winter Is Coming – Don’t Wait for your Hot Water System to Tank!

Plumber and gasfitter finishing a hot water system installation.

Neglecting the maintenance of your hot water system could leave you shivering through Sydney’s colder months! Although ice water bath therapy is trending, you want to avoid ice-cold showers and unplanned emergency hot water system installations in Sydney this winter.

Red Flags Your Hot Water System Needs Maintenance or Replacement

With the onset of chilly weather, hot water systems often choose this super inconvenient moment to curl their toes up and die. This can place your family and budget in hot water – or leave you entirely without it.

Not planning your hot water system installations in the Sydney area and allowing total failure to decide your timing can be costly, stressful, and breathtakingly cold.

Declining or Inconsistent Temperature

If your hot water is cold one minute and scalding the next, takes ages to heat up, or doesn’t maintain its heat, your hot water system needs attention. The limiting temperature device, a faulty thermostat, or mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank can cause these problems.

Water Leaking from Hot Water Tank

Leaks range from pressure valve drips and moisture in the soil around it, to complete failure and massive puddles. Ignoring the signs of a small leak can lead to expensive water and electricity bills, damage to your house structure or the cost of an emergency hot water system installation in Sydney.

Hot Water System installation in Sydney on exterior of home.

Corrosion on Your Hot Water System

Corrosion and rust around the fittings or on the exterior of your hot water system could indicate that it is more than the recommended 10 to 15 years of age and needs replacing.

Beatboxing Hot Water Systems

If you walk past your hot water service and hear popping, knocking, banging, or rattling, your hot water system is not practising for Australia’s Got Talent, it is dying. These noises are caused by water trapped under sediment at the bottom of the tank or failing interior parts.

Funny Colour or Taste

A metallic smell, taste or reddish-brown tinge indicates rust inside your hot water system. Although there are sacrificial rods to prevent interior rust, you could face catastrophic failure if they haven’t been changed every five years.

Rotten Egg Smell

This is an emergency and indicates that there is a gas leak. Move away and call an emergency gas plumber immediately. This is serious and potentially incredibly dangerous.

Yellow Flame on Atmospheric Hot Water System

The flame should always be blue. A yellow flame indicates that it isn’t receiving enough oxygen. This is an emergency and suggests there could be carbon monoxide escaping, creating a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a potentially deadly situation.  Call a gas plumber immediately.

Don’t shiver through winter while waiting during peak season for your hot water system installation Sydney. Get ahead of the crowd and contact us at Gladesville Plumbing Service to ensure a hot, steamy, comfortable winter.

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