Costs Vs Benefits - New Hot Water Or Hot Water Repairs in Sydney

Costs Vs Benefits – New Hot Water Or Hot Water Repairs in Sydney

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Costs Vs Benefits – New Hot Water Or Hot Water Repairs in Sydney

Found Yourself Without Hot Water In Sydney?

Hot water has become a basic necessity which we rely on every day. When you experience cold temperatures, like Sydney does in winter, hot water is a very much needed amenity. It’s important to maintain your hot water unit to ensure it runs efficiently, yet there will come a day when your hot water unit will need to be repaired or replaced. We share some insights on how to make the best decision when you’re faced with the dilemma of a dysfunctional hot water system in Sydney.

Consider the age of the hot water unit

Most hot water units will show their date of manufacture on the data plate. It’s an industry standard to expect a 10 year life span from your hot water unit. Some models can have a 20 year life span, if their owners have followed a regular maintenance plan.

If your hot water unit is hovering around the 10 year mark, it’s advisable to consider the installation of a new hot water unit. Why constantly pay for repairs on a unit that will most likely need to be replaced soon anyway?

In some circumstances, replacement may be the only option if the inner tank has rusted out or if parts can no longer be ordered for your current model of hot water unit.

Consider your budget

Often, hot water units will stop at the most inconvenient times during winter and this unexpected cost can put pressure on a budget. Your plumber will advise on the best economic solution for your situation. You may only be able to afford a repair cost in the interim until other funds can be sourced to purchase a new hot water system.

Constant repairs on an old system can drain your finances, though, as you will be paying for a plumber’s time to call out and fix the system and then to replace the system. Those fees could have been put towards the one call out to replace the system.

Consider the greater cost

It can be tempting to repair a hot water unit yourself when funds are tight, but this is both illegal and not recommended. Hot water unit installations and repairs must be conducted by a licensed plumber. Should a problem occur on your DIY hot water repair, and damage is caused by the installation, you will find your home insurance will be void. There are many valves and regulations plumbers check to ensure the right functioning of your hot water unit. Failure to add these valves can have catastrophic repercussions.

A sure sign of an illegal repair is the use of flexible water hoses on the hot water unit and the incorrect installation of valves. It’s just not worth the potential hazards of doing these repairs yourself.

Your plumber will be able to advise on the best installation scenario for your hot water system. If your hot water unit is inside your home, they may suggest installing a flood stop valve to prevent a flood inside the house. A plumber will know the latest by-laws and gadgets to ensure your hot water unit complies with current laws.

Consider if your existing hot water unit is compliant

When a plumber is called out to repair your hot water unit, they must ensure the installation of the existing hot water unit is compliant to current laws. If it’s going to take time for a plumber to bring the hot water unit installation to compliance, you may consider a new installation so you’re not paying extra work done on a hot water unit that you may only get another couple of years’ life from.

For example, tempering valves are mandatory in ensuring hot water is regulated to 50 degrees Celsius to prevent scalding. Some hot water units may never have had a tempering valve installed. Any new hot water unit installation will have appropriate configuration for a tempering valve so the hot water unit complies with existing plumbing laws.

Consider energy efficiency and the cost effects of your current system

The great thing about new technology is it constantly improves our essential systems. Your existing hot water unit may be draining your finances as it uses more energy than its newer models, which means your existing unit may be costing you more to run.

Electrical hot water units are being phased out and replaced with solar hot water systems or heat pumps. The impact on the cost of running these new hot water systems can significantly reduce your utility bills.

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to repair your existing hot water unit or replace it with a newer energy efficient model, that will give you very little problems in the immediate future.

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