Burst pipe in Sydney home - call an emergency plumber

Burst Pipes – Sydney Water Vs Emergency Plumber

Burst pipes in Sydney require no need for panic. It’s important to know who to call when you identify a water leak to your property.  

Burst pipe in Sydney home - call an emergency plumber

Why do burst pipes occur?

Water leaks can be a sudden burst, or they can be subtle without you knowing until you receive your quarterly water bill! Any water leak can be a drain to your pocket as the release of water will affect your water bill.  

Burst pipes can also cause damage to property and belongings.  

Unfortunately, not all water leaks are covered by insurance. The cause of the burst pipe will be investigated and any wear, tear or deterioration to the pipe can be an exclusion for cover.  

Water leaks can occur due to a number of reasons: 

  • Pipework has reached its material life 
  • High pressure has caused the pipe to split or cause a pinhole 
  • Rats have chewed through the PEX/Plastic water pipe 
  • Ground movement has caused the pipe to dislodge and water to escape 
  • Accidental impact due to landscaping – i.e. putting a shovel through a pipe when digging in the yard. 

What to do when you have a burst pipe

If a burst pipe is identifiable and you can locate the source, immediately turn the water off to your property at the water meter. Turn on a garden hose tap to drain the water line as this will stop the flow of water to the burst point.  

The location of the burst pipe will determine who to call to get it repaired. 

Burst pipes from the water meter to the house are the responsibility of the homeowner. An emergency plumber will need to be called to repair the leak so the water meter can be turned back on to the property.  

However, if the water leak is on the footpath or from the water meter towards the road, this is the responsibility of Sydney Water to repair.   

How do you know if you have a burst pipe?

A burst pipe can be difficult to locate when it occurs behind a wall or under the floor in your home. Usually a high water bill will indicate a leak is concealed at the property.  

The most common signs of a burst pipe in a house are the resultant damages near the leak point. These can include: 

  • Water patch on the ceiling or wall 
  • Swollen architraves or skirting 
  • Mould on the wall 
  • Discolouration of the floor coverings 
  • Swollen kitchen or bathroom cabinetry 
  • Wet carpet 

For burst pipes located outside the home, damages can include: 

  • Dark green grass patch in the front yard 
  • Water leaking through rocks and garden beds 
  • Moss on external wall surfaces or pathways 

Have a burst pipe from your Sydney Water Meter to your house?

If you have a burst pipe from your Sydney water meter to your house, call Joe from Gladesville Plumbing. The burst pipe can be located and repaired so you’re not inconvenienced with a high water bill or unexpected water damage to your home.  

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