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What To Do if You Have a Plumbing Emergency

You’ll know pretty quickly if you have a plumbing emergency.  When a pipe is burst or leaking, a faucet won’t turn off, or your only toilet is blocked, it’s fair enough to call it an emergency!

If you need an emergency plumber in the Ryde area, Gladesville Plumbing is here to help. But nobody wants the inconvenience or the permanent impact of prolonged water damage.

So what can you do until the plumber arrives if you’re faced with a plumbing emergency?

1. Turn the mains off

Firstly, try to get the water to stop flowing. You don’t need the extra mess or inconvenience. As soon as you can, turn the water off at the main intake valve to minimise damage. If you suspect any leakage of chemicals or gas, however, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Call an emergency plumber immediately.

2. Decide if it really IS an emergency

Before calling your plumber in the middle of the night, define whether the situation is a true emergency. If you need to use the water immediately and you can’t, it is an emergency. If you can smell gas and your hot water system isn’t working, it’s an emergency. But if the problem can wait until morning – for example, if you have access to a second toilet or shower – you’ll find your plumber has better access to the right parts, plus the advantage of daylight, if you wait until morning.

3. Attempt a temporary repair if possible

If you are into DIY you may be able to make a temporary repair to leaking pipes by using plumber’s tape. Wrapping plumber’s tape tightly around the leakage will seal the pipes temporarily until a plumber arrives. Only do this if you absolutely must use the water before the plumber can repair it. This is just a temporary fix and would last a day or two at most before needing further attention.

4. Call the plumber

Once you have turned the mains off and attempted a repair if suitable, call the plumber. Be as specific as you can about what happened in the lead up to the emergency. An experienced plumber will be able to determine what repairs are required and warn you of any potential dangers if they have all the right information.

5. Clean the area

After you have called the plumber, clean the area where the mess has been made. You’ll be making the plumber’s job a lot easier if they arrive to a relatively clean and dry area to work in. This will save them time, and you money.

Gladesville Plumbing, Sydney, has over 19 years of plumbing and maintenance experience. We’re the first choice when you need an emergency plumber in the Ryde area, with a  24 hour service available to come to you when you need us.

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