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As the weather warms up, it is the perfect time for some “spring cleaning”. Whilst plumbing may not be the first area of the home that springs to mind, it is the perfect time to dust off your tools and do a few checks and improvements to help you save water and money.

Tips to keep your bathroom pipes in working order

Checking your taps for leaks in the bathroom should be your first port of call.  Ensure too that your toilet isn’t running. Check this by adding a couple of drops of food coloring into the cistern and, without flushing, wait to see if the water in the bowl starts to change colour. You’ll know within the hour if you have a small, silent leak.

It may be the perfect time, too, to remind yourself and your family about how you can all avoid major plumbing disasters by ensuring paper, non-flushable wipes, nappies and even small cotton buds are not flushed down the toilet.  You’ll encounter a hefty maintenance bill and potential broken pipes if you do.

The kitchen sink is not a rubbish bin

Unless you have a drainer over your kitchen plughole, chances are little bits of food get washed down the pipes every day. Over time this can become a big concern so invest in a small device to ensure only water goes down the drain and food scraps are transferred to the bin.  Your kitchen sink is not a rubbish bin. It is wise to avoid pouring cooking oil or fat down, too, as once it cools and congeals it can clog the pipes.

Areas outside the home

There is no doubt that autumn will have left a few too many leaves in your gutters and combined with winter rains you may find that your drains and down pipes are not as clean as they should be.  To ensure they don’t overflow, rot or cause damage to other areas of your home, make sure they are free of debris.

When to call in the experts

As with any great DIY project, it doesn’t take much for a quick plumbing fix to turn into a disaster so know your limits and be prepared to call in the experts particularly when it comes to checking the pipes on your dishwasher or hot water unit.

It may be a worthwhile exercise to ask your local plumber to have a quick walk through your home anyway; chances are they may just pick up on a potential issue.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

A few inexpensive plumbing tools and bright ideas about waste disposal and leak repairs can make a big difference to your home maintenance plan. By being conscious of how you use and maintain the wet areas around your home, you’ll ensure they have a far longer lifespan.  Just think of it as an extension to your regular wardrobe or closet spring-cleaning project!

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