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009Top 5 Things To Consider When Attempting a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom may not be one of the largest rooms in your home but it can definitely be one of the most complex to renovate.  Without the right knowhow, things can go wrong, and it can result in being a very costly exercise.  If you are considering attempting a bathroom renovation, here are our top 5 key points to consider.

1. Consider a range of design options

There is always more than one way to reconfigure a floor plan and definitely more than one design option worthwhile considering.  When attempting a renovation, make a note of all of the features you desire that meet your needs.  Decide on a theme, a colour scheme and plan.  Never underestimate the importance of planning!

2. Budget, the big B

Just like a kitchen, a bathroom renovation can be quite an expensive exercise.  The key is to know your budget and stick to it.  There are always going to be options available to suit your financial restrictions and it’s worthwhile being open to spending more on some items such as a luxurious bath and being a bit more frugal with accessories, for example.

3. Shop around

Whilst there are plenty of DIY renovation stores available, don’t limit yourself to just what they offer.  Specialised stores can often provide a wider range of products and of course there’s always the Internet, which can save you both time and money price matching items.   Remodelling the right way can add significant value to a home so the choice of products is very important.

4. Limit what you do yourself

If you consider yourself handy with a few tools, there may be elements to your bathroom renovation that you can tackle yourself including removing cabinets or shelving, however when it comes to plumbing and electrical, it’s always best to leave those jobs to the experts.  Accidently cutting a wire or breaking a pipe will leave with an unexpected financial outlay that is sure to blow your budget before you even begin.

5. Hire a professional

Hiring in a professional team to renovate your bathroom may sound like a costly expense however it will ensure that the job is performed with all the safety requirements covered, and to the quality standards you expect. Opt for a team you can trust, where word of mouth provides you great recommendation and where you can agree on a price and the required job upfront.

Gladesville Plumbing are not only experienced with all your plumbing needs, but know a lot about bathroom renovations and can cover your work from start to finish.

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