If you’re considering whether to repair or renovate your bathroom, there are many points to factor in before making a decision. Bathroom repairs in Sydney can be an efficient way to maintain the bathroom without outlaying the expense of a full bathroom renovation.

A functional bathroom in the home can often be taken for granted until the unexpected occurs:

  • The button on the toilet cistern won’t flush.
  • The plastic toilet cistern ages from white to an ivory yellow.
  • The spout on the tap has a leak spurt.
  • The drain in the bath or shower drains the water away too slowly.
  • The basin gets a chip in it.
  • The push down plug gets stuck.

These problems can be a hassle to deal with. None of them mean you need to head down the road to completely renovate, but they are a sign you need to call a plumber to get the bathroom fully functional again. No one wants to be inconvenienced with having to throw a bucket of water down the toilet pan to flush a number two away! Having a number of little repair jobs seen to at once can save you money on the plumbing bill as your plumber can fix each issue and only bill one call out fee.

When to repair fixtures

If your bathroom is old and hasn’t been updated for a long while, you may need to think about whether a bathroom renovation should be considered in the immediate future. But to give yourself time to save and prepare – bathroom renovations do require significant money and time to complete – consider getting those niggling plumbing jobs repaired.


What if the fixtures can’t be repaired?

Upon inspection, your plumber will advise whether or not fixtures need to be replaced. You may feel apprehensive about spending money on new fixtures if you’re planning to renovate eventually. If you can live with the state of the bathroom till renovations, by all means test your patience and save making the purchase. But if the taps or fixtures need to be replaced, you have two options.

  1. Replace the fixture or tap with a budget-friendly model that will suit the application needed. Don’t go for the dirt cheap model as usually the warranty on these will be limited. Choose a middle of the range fixture that won’t cost you a fortune, but will get you out of trouble until you decide to renovate your bathroom.
  2. Replace the fixture or tap with one you’d like in your renovated bathroom. These can be simply disconnected at demolition time and then reinstalled after the renovations have been completed.

Repairing a bathroom is certainly a good way to buy extra time to save for a bathroom renovation. Unless you’re desperate to update, keeping your existing bathroom well maintained can prevent the expense of a premature renovation.

Do you need bathroom repairs? Sydney specialists Gladesville Plumbing can help. Our friendly team of professionals can offer advice on repairs and when to consider renovating. Call today on (02) 9817 4777.

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