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Leaky gutters? Call Epping’s Local Plumber

Water can be our home’s worst enemy and leaking gutters can cause major problems in and around the house if not detected early enough.  Well-maintained gutters and spouting are important to ensure unexpected concerns do not arise. If you suspect a problem, call your local Epping plumber without delay.

Let’s uncover some of the main concerns that can arise if your gutters are not in tip-top condition.

Roof damage

When a gutter is not performing its required duty and is unable to drain water appropriately away from your roof, it can cause unwanted roof damage.  Water that leaks through a crack or split in a gutter may result in a build up in and around the roof causing rot which can potentially spread inside the home and result in all sorts of ceiling damage.

Structural damage

A gutter is designed to strategically carry water away from the home, clear of the foundations and into a storage unit or down a drain.  Leaks can result in excess water collecting around the close surroundings of your property, which can end up being a major hazard.  Not only can it impact the safety of your home but can also mean a large outlay to repair rotten wood or worse still damage electrical outlets.

It is not always easy to identify damage that is occurring between walls.  The first signs may be the presence of mold or flaking paint. Over time this silent problem can cause foundation damage and issues with your home’s structure.

Uninvited pests

Pests and bugs are attracted to areas in and around the home where there is a food and water source.  So where there is moisture, bugs will eventually be found.  Whether the moisture is within the roof line, the walls, the foundations or simply in close proximity to a home, cockroaches, ants and even termites can present themselves unexpectedly simply from a non-maintained gutter.

Slippery pathways

Water can cause your driveway and paths to become very slippery and on cold frosty mornings, this can become an even more dangerous concern.  Excess water from leaking gutters can present itself in a number of places and be just another problem that can easily be avoided.

Regular cleaning and leaf removal

Regular cleaning of your gutters is a must, especially if your property is surrounded by trees or shrubs.  It is also important to be aware that even clean gutters can, over time, start to crack or split, so keeping a close eye on them is important.  A regular test with a garden hose can be a good exercise to undertake. Simply run water into your gutters or where you think a leak may be present and if there is a problem, you’ll soon see or hear water dripping where it shouldn’t.

At the first sign of a leak contact an Epping plumber without delay.

Gladesville Plumbing Services are on call all day, everyday, and will always attend to your concerns promptly.  Licensed plumbers are available now to offer you a free, no obligation quote.

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