Handyman with tools - not the same as a licensed plumber

Licensed Plumbers vs Handyman Services – What You Should Know

Handyman with tools - not the same as a licensed plumber

Which is the right choice – a licensed plumber or handyman services?

You may be looking at a plumbing or drainage job that appears simple but is just a little beyond your DIY capabilities. Do you hire a professional, or could a local handyman handle the work?  

Before you make the call, there are some important factors to consider. This article looks at the differences in knowledge, skills, and licencing to help you decide whether a local handyman is right for you, or if you should be googling “Licenced Plumber Sydney” instead. 

What is a handyman?

A handyman – or handywoman – is a general contractor focusing on common home repairs and general maintenance. 

They are great at repairing holes in plasterboard, hanging doors, replacing broken tiles, fixing fly screens etc., but it is illegal for them to carry out certain jobs that should be completed by a licensed expert. 

Hiring the right person for the job

Plumbing work, including internal and external pipework, gas fitting, and sewer and stormwater work, should only be done by registered professionals. 

The consequences of poorly completed plumbing work can range from costly repairs and inconvenience to devastating damage. If your landscape gardener fails to install correct drainage, your home could be at risk of flooding with every storm. Having gas fittings installed by an unlicensed handyman is illegal for a very good reason. 

You don’t need to cut corners to save money when Gladesville Plumbing offers affordable services from fully licensed expert plumbers. 

Peace of mind from expert plumbers

Many tradespeople may have certification to carry out some plumbing in the course of their work, but that does not necessarily mean their skills are current or the work is fully in their area of expertise.  

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Benefits of hiring a licensed plumber

  • A licensed plumber has received full training in all areas of domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing.  
  • Their experience enables them to diagnose plumbing problems and provide the right solution to keep your property safe.  
  • They have all the right tools and equipment to complete the work efficiently and professionally. 
  • They are up-to-date on all changes in local law and industry regulations to ensure all work is compliant. 
  • Reputable licensed plumbers are fully insured, mitigating risk to you. 
  • Licensed plumbers fully understand the risks and dangers involved in plumbing work and follow all safety procedures and protocols for the job at hand. 

Next time you are faced with a plumbing or drainage task, consider the benefits and risks of hiring a licensed plumber vs a handyman and give Gladesville Plumbing a call. We are the expert licensed plumbers Sydney relies on!

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