Outdoor shower installation in a tropical setting

Outdoor Shower Installation – Summer is Here!

Outdoor shower installation in a tropical setting

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Thinking About Installing an Outdoor Shower for Summer?

An outdoor shower is a luxurious feature for an Aussie backyard. It’s also a practical option if you require a wash down before heading inside. But what’s involved in an outdoor shower installation? Is it an expensive exercise if there’s no plumbing in the area? Let’s explore how you can have your very own shower in the backyard!  

Outdoor Shower Installation – what’s involved?

It’s important to confirm how the shower will be used in the yard. Is it simply for a cold spray down after a dip in the pool or after being at the beach to wash the sand away? Or is the shower going to be used the same way as an indoor shower with hot water to wash your hair and body with soap? 

If the shower is going to be cold water only, this can connect to stormwater drainage in your yard. However, if you wish for the water to be tempered, it will need to connect to the sewer. It’s best to check with your local council on what their requirements are for drainage.  

Once you’ve decided the functionality of your outdoor shower, it’s time to call a plumber to work out the most practical and least expensive installation options for your location.  

Pipework runs

Depending on the location of your outdoor shower, it may be possible to connect to existing cold water from the hose tap. Hot water can be connected from your hot water unit, providing it’s located outside.  

If there are existing stormwater pits in the yard, it may be suitable for connecting the waste for a cold water only installation.  

For drainage of a hot and cold water shower, this may require excavation depending on the depth of your sewer line.  

The drainage requires fall to ensure the water doesn’t pond at the floor of your outdoor shower.  

Ideal locations for outdoor showers

Ideally, the location for your outdoor shower should be as close as practical to existing plumbing in your yard. Sometimes a corner in the garden or enclosure on the side of the yard can be perfect if wanting to obtain some sort of privacy when the shower is used.  

Choose the right pipework and taps

Stainless steel or chrome water piping and taps are the best options for an outdoor shower as they are less prone to rust and corrosion. However, depending on your location, your plumber will advise the best options to ensure your shower looks pristine, while facing the outdoor elements.  

Outdoor showers have become a practical feature of the Sydney backyard. If you have questions about an outdoor shower installation to your property, contact Gladesville Plumbing for a no obligation call out to discuss your options.  

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