Flooded roads and neighbourhoods in North Sydney at risk of plumbing problems

These Three North Sydney Flood Hot Spots Should Get Their Plumbing Fixed Now!

Flooded roads and neighbourhoods in North Sydney at risk of plumbing problems

Given the devastating floods that have occurred in our region recently, it pays to have knowledge of the areas and properties that are most at risk – and to get on top of any plumbing issues that may arise in the meantime. 

Gladesville Plumbing are known throughout northern Sydney for our knowledge and experience, as well as our competitive pricing. We’ve done the hard work to help you determine whether your property is at risk – now all you need to do is give us a call! 

Which hotspots have been identified, and which properties are most at risk?

We’ve had so many flood events in recent times that could mean you’re living in a ticking time bomb. Properties may have underlying damage that could cause structural issues in the future, and potentially cost you thousands. If your area is affected, we highly recommend calling a plumber – West Ryde, Melrose Park and Putney residents are especially advised to read on. 

West Ryde

The town centre (Denistone Catchment)

This has been a problem area for years. Despite the West Ryde stormwater tunnel improving conditions, there are still areas remaining, including a low point on Graft Avenue, where flooding can impact properties and enter nearby commercial businesses.  

Gaza Road, Station Street, Federal Road

Flooding mainly occurs at the rear of Gaza Road and Station Street, continuing across Mons Avenue and on to homes on Federal Road.  

Falconer Street near Wattle Street (Charity Creek Catchment)

Several properties are at risk because of an overland flow path located at the rear of these streets. Falconer Street is also raised about a metre above the low point which traps floodwaters from receding. The two properties most at risk are 57 and 59 Falconer Street. 

Industrial area at Mulvihill Road and Rhodes Street

This area contains the main floodway of Charity Creek Catchment and has been developed, with a number of properties that were built filling in the natural waterway.  

Victoria Road near Gardens Lane to Deakin Street

Floodwaters flow north of Victoria Road through 6 neighbourhood blocks of residential development. Everyone in this area needs to have their plumbing checked.  

Melrose Park

Cobham Avenue (Archer Creek Catchment)

79 and 81 Cobham Avenue are the most likely properties to be affected. The existing floodway and easement at the rear of the properties follows the creek line, and floodwater is diverted onto properties.  


Morrison Road at Gregory Street (Gladesville Catchment)

The properties near the intersection here are most at risk. 141 Morrison Road is the worst affected.  

Princes Street from Morrison Road to Waterview Street

Flooding here flows through properties on Princes Street.  

If you’re concerned about flooding, Northern Sydney plumbers Gladesville Plumbing can help!

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