Backyard Drainage

Backyard Drainage Woes? Who Do You call?

Adequate backyard drainage is essential in directing water away from your home and preventing an unwanted pool from forming!  

Unfortunately, many properties don’t have enough stormwater drainage to protect the home from outdoor flooding. It can often be an oversight or left to a landscaper who has more expertise in planning gardens than where stormwater pipes should go. Backyard drainage is more about the design than having stormwater grates strewn around the yard to catch the overflow of water. Identifying the cause and creating a solution for the drainage is going to help keep your property well prepared during a heavy downpour.  

If you have backyard drainage woes, here are some tips to solve the issue and keep your yard free from a water deluge 


Backyard Drainage


Why does the backyard flood?

The most important thing to do when a backyard overflows with water is to investigate the cause. While lack of stormwater points may be a correct assumption, where does the water come from and where does it typically flow?  

If the water is coming from the roof, it may be that the gutters haven’t been installed correctly or have corroded and need to be replaced.  

There may also be a lack of downpipes to direct water away from the gutters. The amount of downpipes is dependent on the roof catchment. The discharge from the downpipes also needs to be explored. Are they connected to stormwater drains or does the end opening of the downpipe discharge into the yard? 


Is a lack of downpipes causing problems with backyard drainage? Call Joe to calculate how many downpipes you’ll need.


Why use a plumber to rectify backyard drainage?

A plumber will calculate the drainage needed to remove water away from the roof catchment and to prevent pooling of water around the footings of your home.  

The correct sized pipes for stormwater and fall are all essential in the success of a stormwater drainage design. Plumbers use calculations everyday for pipe sizing. This is why they are the best person to design and install a drainage system which will meet both local council requirements and Australian standards.  

What can I do when my backyard fills like a pool?

The first step to fixing the issue is to organise Gladesville Plumbing to investigate and design a drainage system which will suit your property’s needs.  

In the meantime, it’s best to maintain the existing external drainage around the home by: 

  • Removing leaf debris from gutters 
  • Checking downpipes are clear using a garden hose 
  • Removing any garden matter from stormwater pits and grates in the yard 
  • Taking a video during a heavy downpour to show Joe where the water is coming from 


If your backyard drainage is giving you the blues, call Joe to investigate the cause and get the water flowing away from your home. Contact Gladesville Plumbing Services today.  

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