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Control your hot water costs and improve hot water safety on your premises with a thermostatic mixing valve. Thermostatic mixing valves are the most accurate, efficient and safest method of controlling water temperature at the point of delivery – to within 1°C  of the pre-set temperature.  Talk to Gladesville Plumbing about your hot water temperature requirements today.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation & Repair Sydney

  • Thermostatic mixing valve installation
  • Thermostatic mixing valve repair and replacement
  • Temperature pre-set adjustments
  • Suitable for residential applications
  • Ideal for hot water temperature control in childcare, nursing home and aged care facilities
  • Commercial and residential installations


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New South Wales Licence Number 168655C

The plumbers and gasfitters at Gladesville Plumbing Services are fully qualified and have the experience necessary to help you with your thermostatic mixing valve needs.  Whether your requirements are mandated by law to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents and reduce the risk of scalds, or you wish to take advantage of potential reductions in water wastage and energy bills, we can provide you with the solution.  We offer free quotes, expert advice and guaranteed quality workmanship.

Once Gladesville Plumbing arrive on site and assess your plumbing needs, we will provide our free, no-obligation quote. If we can’t quote without deeper investigative work, we will provide a quote for those investigations first. We always explain our quotes, and what they include, and are happy to answer any questions you have before we begin work.

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A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) mixes hot and cold water together in a constant flow. They are primarily designed for safety to prevent sudden fluctuations in temperature that could cause scalds. In providing accurate pre-mixed temperature control, a thermostatic mixing valve has the added advantage of reducing water wastage and energy bills. 

What you need to know:

  • Under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500, hot water in your storage tank must be stored at a minimum of 60°C to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria.
  • At 60°C, water can cause third degree burns within three seconds, so hot water must be mixed with cold via a tempering valve or TMV before it reaches the tap.
  • NSW regulations stipulate that water at the tap must be no hotter than 50°C in residential homes, and 43.5°C in childcare, nursing home, or aged care facilities.
  • A thermostatic mixing valve is the safest, most accurate and most efficient means of controlling the water temperature at the point of delivery. Your plumber can pre-set the temperature to between 39°C and 50°C at the time of your thermostatic mixing valve installation.
  • A TMV is incredibly responsive to fluctuations in incoming water temperatures, and accurate to within 1°C of its pre-set temperature.
  • If either the hot or cold water supply is suddenly interrupted, the TMV has a failsafe mechanism to instantly shut off the water flow to prevent injury.

A TMV can only be safely installed and serviced by a plumber qualified in TMV.  Our plumbers are qualified to install and service your TMV.

Like many plumbing fixtures and fittings, thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) require regular annual servicing to ensure they do not unexepectedly fail.  Annual servicing can only be performed by plumber qualified in TMV.  Talk to us today about a regular servicing schedule for your hot water plumbing and avoid an emergency call out.

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