Safeguard your water supply from the risk of backflow with our backflow prevention services. Our mission at Gladesville Plumbing? To keep your water pure, clean, and safe from any potential contamination.

Backflow Prevention Services

  • Backflow Prevention Testing
  • Backflow Prevention Maintenance
  • Appliance Installation
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Leaking Taps
  • Burst Pipes
  • Blocked Drains
  • Sanitary Repairs
  • Sanitary Fitting
  • Appliance Repair

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Why Choose Us For Backflow Prevention Services?

There are several options for backflow prevention devices – if you have fire hose reels or hydrants, an irrigation system, water outlets near potential pollutants, an underground rainwater tank, or activity connected to the mains, you need a backflow prevention device. Testing must be carried out annually if your backflow prevention device is testable. Sydney Water will send out a reminder notice and if you have received one, you need to get in touch with a licensed plumber to carry out the testing service.

If you have a backflow prevention device, it is your responsibility to ensure it is operating efficiently and tested annually.

A backflow prevention device is made up of valves, seals, and a variety of moving parts. These are subject to the typical wear and tear that most appliances and fittings are. That’s why testing is such an important part of the prevention process. The first backflow test is required upon the installation of the backflow prevention device. Even if yours is brand new, it should have already undergone at least one test and then every year thereafter.

When we visit your property, we take caution as we test your backflow prevention device. We start by switching off the shut-off valve downstream and give it several minutes to ensure the accuracy of the testing process. Then we check the system’s pressure using our testing kit. We always register the test results with the local water authority which is an important step because it lets the authority know you followed through after receiving the testing notice.

If you have reason to suspect your backflow prevention device isn’t operating efficiently, reach out to a plumbing professional Sydney to carry out a test. If repair is not possible, our team can carry out replacement installation.

New South Wales Licence Number 168655C

If you need a new backflow prevention device installed, you need a licensed plumber who is accredited to carry out the process. Gladesville Plumbing can handle the installation and inspection of backflow prevention devices.

At Gladesville Plumbing, we arrive on time and we treat your property with the utmost respect. Our team will always clean up after they get the job done. Before we start work, we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote so there’s no need to worry about hidden costs or add-ons. Our team is highly trained and has years of field experience – and there is no job too big or too small.

Say No To Backflow

Secure your water with our backflow prevention Sydney services. From annual testing to new system installations, we’re here to ensure every drop of your water is safe. We’re only a phone call away so get in touch.

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