CCTV drain inspections sydney - snake camera finding the blockage

Why CCTV Drain Inspections Are Sydney’s Best Bet For Blockages

If you’ve got drainage issues at your property, there are various ways a plumber might determine the problem. However, the most accurate method for inspecting a waste or stormwater drain pipe is by using a CCTV drainage camera.

When undertaking CCTV drain inspections, Sydney plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of a problem in your drains and the best method to fix it.

CCTV drain inspections sydney - snake camera finding the blockage

How do CCTV drain inspections work?

Specialised equipment is required for a CCTV drain inspection. As the name suggests, a CCTV drainage camera is a waterproof, high-definition camera that is fed down a waste pipe opening (usually through an inspection opening). The camera is connected to a screen which provides your plumber with an internal view of your drains. This live footage can also show the depth and distance as the camera travels down the drain.

Why would you need a CCTV drainage inspection?

There are a number of reasons why a CCTV drain inspection is needed.

  • To determine the state or condition of the waste pipe internally
  • To locate a blockage
  • To determine what is causing a blockage
  • To ascertain where the drainage pipes run on a property
  • To confirm the cause of backflow issues

What’s the benefit of a CCTV drain inspection?

CCTV drain inspections enable a plumber to identify an issue within your drainage system quickly and accurately. This advanced diagnostic tool removes the need for guesswork or unnecessary digging, allowing the drainage issue to be resolved more efficiently.

For example, if you find the water doesn’t drain quickly away from all the fixtures in your home, there may be a blockage on the main sewer line. A CCTV drain inspection will be able to confirm what is causing the fixtures to drain slowly. The camera may come across tree roots or an alternate blockage causing waste water to back up to the fixtures in your home.

Another way CCTV drain cameras can help a homeowner is if there is noticeable cracking to external pavement around the home. This could indicate ground movement or potentially a bigger problem of broken pipes under the ground.

Other reasons to get a CCTV drain inspection

CCTV drainage camera inspections aren’t just a great tool for locating plumbing problems. A CCTV drain inspection can also predict future problems. For example, the footage can show the type of material used for your drain pipes. If the camera shows earthenware pipes, this indicates you may need to replace them sooner as they are an older drain material and notorious for breaking.

If you buy a house, it’s recommended to get a plumbing inspection which includes a CCTV drain inspection. The inspection can tell you what the state of the drains are before you buy the house. If there is a dip in the pipes or noticeable cracks, this can indicate potential plumbing issues in the future.

CCTV drain cameras can also assist with insurance claims by determining the cause of damage to a home.

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