Waterlogged on street due to clogged drainage system

What Causes A Blocked Storm Water Drain & What Should I Do About It?

What Causes A Blocked Storm Water Drain & What Should I Do About It?A blocked storm water drain is a plumbing problem that generally presents itself during a weather event like rain or a storm. Your property will be fitted with gutters, down pipes and storm water drainage pits that collect the rain water and dispel it to the storm water drainage network in your street. If you notice water overflowing out of your gutters or water pooling around your home, you have a blocked storm water drain.

Ensuring each storm water drain is clear and free from blockages is important to safeguard your home from a possible flood causing a moat-like situation around your home. Blocked gutters can cause water to seep into the home which will ruin ceilings with water damage. It can also lap into the house under doors causing floor damage.  It’s vitally important that the storm water drainage system around your home is maintained and blockages are fixed as soon as they are identified. Let’s look at some of the key blockages found in storm water drains and how they can be rectified and prevented.

What causes a blocked storm water drain?

The most common blockages to storm water drains are environmental matter like leaves, dirt, pebbles, sand, sticks and even garden covering materials like bark and mulch. Water will pick up whatever is in its path and carry it down the grates and pipes. An accumulation of this matter will cause a blockage. The problem with storm water drains is water generally runs down them during a rain event and if no one checks the drains after rain, the environmental matter can consolidate, causing a blockage.

Blockages in storm water can also be caused by rubbish or the incorrect connection of the sewer pipes to the storm water. When this is identified on a property, it’s mandatory for the sewer pipe to be reconnected to the sewerage system. It’s a matter of safety and wellbeing for the community.

These are the major causes of blockages in storm water, so what can be done to fix or prevent them?

How to fix a blocked storm water drain

Depending on the blockage, you may be able to fix it yourself by using a plunger. In most cases, calling a plumber like Gladesville Plumbing is going to save you time and money. They will use plunging rods or a jet rodding machine to blast the blockage away to ensure the pipe is free of obstruction.

How to prevent a blocked storm water drain

The best way to prevent a blocked storm water drain is to keep gardens well maintained and remove any leaf matter from the gutters. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year removing all tree branches, leaves and any other matter that has accumulated throughout the year. Always use gloves when doing this job and ensure you stand on a ladder that is erected safely.

If you have noticed more rainwater is flowing out of the gutters than down them or the pooling of water around your home, it may be time to call Gladesville Plumbing to unblock your storm water drains.

Think you’ve got a blocked storm water drain? Let our friendly team resolve the issue for you! Call Gladesville Plumbing on 9817 4777.

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