Stormwater pit installation

Stormwater Pit Installation – What You Need to Know

Stormwater pit installation

Stormwater pits are designed to collect water during bouts of heavy rain to prevent flooding. Installed by professionals, this type of drainage links into an already established system of connected pipes and is slowly released.  

With the recent onslaught of storms and flooding in North Sydney, you have probably wondered if your property needs its own stormwater pit. After all, any solution that can help to prevent damage to your home is a positive step forward, right?  Before you take the plunge and outlay significant money, here are a few key questions you should ask yourself. 

What type of stormwater drainage do I need?

Depending on the type of water issues you are facing, it is important that the most appropriate draining system is installed. If poorly managed or worse still, the wrong pipe is used or inadequate preparation work is undertaken, stormwater can cause more problems than you started with, from property damage to the contamination of drinking water. 

Do you need a plumber?

Absolutely yes!  

Whilst there are plenty of handy men and women who proport to be qualified to fix a leaking tap, change a washer, and reseal a pipe, installation of a stormwater pit is a completely different ballgame altogether. It is much more than digging a hole. There’s potential excavation to be undertaken, trench width to consider, installation of strong gratings to prevent collapsing, and let’s not forget necessary knowledge of how to connect to an already established underground network of pipes. 

A faulty stormwater pit installation can not only see a significant blow out to the cost but could potentially be structurally dangerous and further increase the chances of waterlogging and flooding. 

How much do stormwater pits cost to install?

Costs vary significantly depending on the materials used, the location of the installation, and the size of the system required. It is always a good idea to get a few quotes from reputable businesses before you decide what is right for you. Remember to ask for plumbing certification. Better still, consider seeking out a local business in your area. That way you can be guaranteed they are aware of local water catchments that might be prone to flooding and they know exactly how to assist you. 

Still unsure about stormwater pits? Sydney property owners are advised not to leave it to chance. Ensure your plumbing is ideal for your property and budget.

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