Rainwater tank installed by Sydney plumber

Rainwater Tank Installation – Sydney’s Smart Investment

If you own a home in Sydney, you need to consider installing a rainwater tank and take advantage of the rain this storm season.

Tips from the expert: Working day in and day out for 20 years in Sydney’s plumbing systems, I know every way that your water bills can increase or decrease. If anything is a smart investment, it’s a rainwater tank. Harvesting rainwater is also great for those who want to be more sustainably conscious. Once you’ve installed your tank, you need to make sure that you are making the most of it and reaping the benefits. You should maintain your gutters and tank regularly, checks parts for leaks, keep it clean and look out for animals and pests. Don’t let that water go to waste!

But the benefits don’t end there. Read on to discover why rainwater tank installation in Sydney is an excellent investment.

Rainwater tank installed by Sydney plumber

The benefits of rainwater tank installation

After Darwin, Sydney is the second wettest city in Australia. Take advantage of Sydney’s rainy reputation! The benefits of rainwater tank installation include:

  • When installed aesthetically, can increase the value of your property
  • Reduces reliance on town water, thus reducing water bills
  • Provides water storage for activities like gardening or washing the car (which are the first to be restricted during periods of drought)
  • Helps reduce flooding and erosion by collecting and storing rainwater from around a property.

What is involved in installing a rainwater tank?

Location, size, and purpose are the three key questions that need to be answered when installing a rainwater tank.

Location of rainwater tank installation

The ground needs to be a flat surface. The rainwater tank needs to be installed close to a downpipe – to direct rainwater from the gutter to the tank. A nearby stormwater pit is also important as there needs to be allowance for overflow when the tank is filled to capacity.

Size + Purpose of your rainwater tank

The size of your water tank will be determined by the location and space available in the area you wish to install your tank. But the purpose of your tank may also influence the size you choose. For instance, if you plan to harvest rainwater for use in the garden or outdoor activities only, you may decide on a smaller tank. If your purpose is to provide a water feed to the washing machine or toilet, a water tank with larger capacity may be required.

Once the location, size and purpose are determined, it’s best to engage with a licensed plumber for installation. You do not need to be a licensed plumber to install a rainwater tank. However, if you want to install a water feed to your toilet or washing machine, a licensed plumber will be required.

Rainwater tank uses

A rainwater tank is a great way to reduce you household consumption of town water. Harvested rainwater can be used to:

  • Water gardens
  • Top up swimming pool
  • Pressure clean pathways and house
  • Feed external hose taps for outdoor use only
  • Supply water to sprinkler systems
  • Connect water to toilet or washing machine
  • Provide a ready supply of water to put out bushfires.

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