Granny flat at back of garden - don't forget the cost of plumbing

Is It Expensive To Plumb In a Granny Flat?

Adding a granny flat to your property can not only increase the value of your home but also provide an additional income should you choose to rent it out.  

Granny flat at back of garden - don't forget the cost of plumbing

The rental crisis experienced in Sydney can offer homeowners an opportunity to tap into a need and earn income to assist with rising living costs.  

But how easy is it to plumb in a granny flat? What are the laws around setting up a granny flat and renting it out in Sydney? Here’s what you need to consider before you add another dwelling to your property.  

Laws around Granny Flats in NSW

A property owner will need to have approval from a certified accreditor before the granny flat is built. Changing an existing space into a granny flat or building a new granny flat will need to comply with local council requirements, building codes and legislation by NSW Fair Trading.  

It’s important to engage with a local builder to confirm what the council requirements are and if your dwelling has the capacity to meet the restrictions in place.  

If the green light is given where you have the space to build a granny flat, the next hurdle to consider is plumbing installation.  

Granny Flat Plumbing

A granny flat will require a:  

  • Kitchen  
  • Bathroom which includes a toilet, basin, and shower at a minimum 
  • Laundry for washing clothes; if space is limited, this can be incorporated in the kitchen 
  • Stormwater drainage – if it has a separate roof 

To install wet areas into a granny flat, access to the existing home’s water and sewerage services is required. It is recommended a separate hot water unit is installed to the granny flat for use by the tenants. This can prevent running out of hot water if you have a tank.  

An instantaneous gas hot water unit may be able to run both the main dwelling and granny flat, but it’s best to discuss options with a plumber.  

It’s important to engage with a licensed plumber to undertake all granny flat plumbing as it will put additional pressure on the existing waste and water services. Furthermore, any works required to tap into existing waste and water services must be completed by a licensed plumber.  

Keeping plumbing costs at a minimum for a granny flat

As the saying goes, it costs money to make money, and setting up a granny flat will require investment of funds to get the property ready for rent.  

It makes sense to locate the existing waste and water lines at your property and design the bathroom and kitchen areas of the granny flat in close proximity to those services. Not only does is assist with access, but it requires less materials and labour to run pipes.  

If the granny flat has a separate roof line or is in an area prone to water seepage, stormwater considerations need to be thought out, too. Your licensed plumber will be able to provide the best solutions for your granny flat configuration.  

If plumbing in a granny flat is on the list of projects to complete this year, just call Joe from Gladesville Plumbing for expert plumbing services.

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