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Are the Homes in Huntley’s Cove Plumber Approved?

Huntley’s Cove is an affluent suburb in Sydney’s northern suburbs about 9 kilometres north west of the CBD. It’s a tiny suburb that was originally part of Gladesville, but changed its name after residents voted in 2002. The houses in Huntley’s Cove range from older, renovated homes to newer duplexes, apartment blocks, and 2 or 3 storey-modern homes – all of which present their own plumbing issues. Read on to find out more!

What kinds of houses exist in Huntley’s Cove?

Huntley’s Cove might be small, but there are a few different types of houses on offer in this mighty little suburb.

California Bungalow

This house is almost instantly recognisable by the columns that hold up the veranda on the front. Stone, brick, and earthy materials were used, and a gable roof faced the front. Nowadays, these little bungalows are always renovated and made more interesting with rendering and a host of modern styles.

Federation Bungalow

This was the Australian response to the California version. It took the best parts of the Californian bungalow while retaining the quirkiness and flair of the Queen Anne style, only in a much simpler form.


A duplex is a residential building that involves two homes sharing a common central wall. In Huntley’s Cove, these are modern-style buildings.

Modern 2-storey

Huntley’s Cove modern 2-storey houses are mostly built from brick and are designed to let the maximum amount of natural light inside. They’re practical, stylish, and feature modern, clean lines.

Ask the plumber: Huntley’s Cove plumbing issues

There are a mix of old homes and new homes in Huntley’s Cove, so the plumbing issues vary depending on how old the house is.

What are the pipes made of?

In homes built before the 1990s, pipes could potentially be made from materials no longer approved by Australian building codes. For example, pipes could be made of lead, which is highly toxic and can result in joint and gastrointestinal pain, fatigue, and memory loss. If your house has galvanised pipes, which are made of iron and coated in zinc, the zinc can erode and lead to corrosion and breakage.

Pipe bellies

Pipe bellies can also be an issue in older houses, where the pipes that are installed underneath homes, either buried in the ground or in the concrete slab, are affected by the gradual movement of the house over time. A downward shift can create a slope or belly that restricts water flow and creates pools that amass waste or sediment. If not repaired, pipe bellies can cause blockages and leaks.

Failing sewer lines

Failing sewer lines are a massive problem in homes built before 1990. Since older sewer lines were built before the invention of modern appliances, they simply weren’t made for the amount of water now pushed through them. If there has been extensive remodelling, which happens often in Huntley’s Cove, lines can be more susceptible to failure.

Outdated fixtures and connections

Outdated fixtures and connections are definitely a huge issue older homes face – and corrosion and general wear and tear can lead to restricted water flow and leaks that make using water in the house an expensive disaster.

Plumbing issues in newer homes

When it comes to newer homes, air conditioner issues, clogged pipes, sump pump failure, and leaky faucets are the biggest plumbing issues you’ll have to watch out for. With air conditioning, shoddy installation can result in toxic emissions and health issues for the people who use it. Clogged pipes definitely should not be ignored, because the underlying issue will snowball until you have a much more destructive (and expensive!) problem. Sump pump failure can lead to flooding in the lower part of the building and affect the integrity of the building. And lastly, a single leaky faucet can result in the wastage of thousands of litres of water ever year, and that’s definitely a bad thing in a country as dry as ours. Not to mention, the high cost of your water bill!

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