Old and damaged plumbing in need of replacement

Can you Replace Old/Damaged Plumbing?

Old and damaged plumbing in need of replacementDamaged plumbing indicates it’s time for replacement to prevent further water damage to your home. But what plumbing can or can’t be replaced in an established house? There are many considerations and variables when deciding to replace old and damaged plumbing to a property. Here is what you need to know before replacing the plumbing to your home.  

What are the signs to replace plumbing in your home?

All pipes used for household plumbing have a material life. They don’t last forever and can be compromised by ground movement, corrosion, rust and cracking or dislodgement.  

It’s recommended to replace plumbing in your home if:  

  • It’s found to be damaged due to cracks or dislodgement from ground movement 
  • It is corroded inside causing the internal orifice to diminish (gal water pipes) 
  • There are unusual dips or flat runs (common in PVC pipe) 
  • Tree roots have penetrated through 
  • It is old plumbing like earthenware which requires an urgent update 
  • It has reached the end of its material life – the pipe material has started to break down 
  • There are continuous blockages or leaks 

How hard is it to replace pipework in your home?

It is possible to replace the pipework in your home, even if it’s run through the walls and floor.  

Replacing sewer pipes under the floor will require saw-cutting of the existing concrete foundation of the home. It can be a big and expensive job but well worth the exercise for peace of mind.  

If your house is elevated off the ground, pipe work may be able to be replaced if there is access underneath.  

Water pipes can also be accessed in walls and the ceiling. Sometimes removing plasterboard walls will be necessary to update the plumbing from gal pipe to copper or PEX.  

In some situations, it may not be viable to replace the plumbing but to rerun it and cap off the existing plumbing. As every house in Sydney is plumbed differently, your local plumber can provide options for the best way to replace the plumbing to your home if it’s required.  

Does the plumbing to my home need to be replaced after a flood?

Flood water won’t usually damage the pipework to your home because it will be protected by the walls and underground.  

If your home experiences a flood event, it’s recommended to run a CCTV camera down the sewer and stormwater pipes to ensure there have been no blockages from debris. A jet clean can remove any dislodgements in the pipes to ensure they are free-flowing.  

If you’re intending to renovate or update your home, it’s recommended to replace the plumbing and upgrade as needed.  

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