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The Water Crisis And YOUR Home – Sydney Plumber Talks Pipe Problems

The Water Crisis And YOUR Home – Sydney Plumber Talks Pipe ProblemsThere is nothing worse than seeing water bubble up from the ground during a drought. Water is a precious resource, especially in cities like Sydney, who are experiencing a water crisis. Unfortunately, drought conditions can cause havoc to your plumbing and trigger unexpected water leaks, leading to a loss of much needed water. Your Sydney plumber may be the first call to rectify such a situation, but they may not be the person to call when a major water leak gushes.

How does the drought cause water leaks?

When there is a drought, the ground becomes dry and contracts due to the lack of moisture. The lack of moisture in the soil can cause movement in the ground. This movement can cause a change in alignment to both water and sewer pipes. For water pipes, a welded joint or poly compression joint can weaken and cause water to leak out of this joint. Sometimes the pipe itself can be pinched and burst water.

You may not know you have a water leak on your premises until you see pooling of water in the lawn or gardens, or you receive your water bill and it’s much higher than expected.
It’s important to remember, any water leaks detected from the water meter back to your property is your responsibility to rectify. Your Sydney Plumber should be the first person to notify to identify the location of the leak and repair it.

If the water is pooling beyond the water meter or at the water meter itself, you must notify Sydney Water, as it’s their responsibility to maintain the water network in Sydney.

How does the drought affect sewer pipes?

Sewer pipes can also be affected by the loss of moisture in the soil. Sewer pipes can crack if there is ground movement. This crack can allow tree roots to penetrate your sewer pipes, causing a potential blockage.

Most home owners don’t realise they have a crack in their sewer pipe until their toilet won’t flush or water won’t drain down the main fixtures of the home.

A drain camera can detect bows, cracks and unusual alignments of sewer pipes which cause blockages. The depth of your sewer pipe and the damage from the crack, will determine what course of action should be taken by your North Sydney plumber to rectify.

If you have concerns about water leaks or sewer blockages on your property, contact your trusted Sydney plumber, Gladesville Plumbing. The team are experienced in residential plumbing concerns and can give you cost effective solutions to rectify.

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