Can I Connect Gas To My Sydney Property? Ask A Gas Plumber In Sydney

Not all properties in Sydney are ‘cooking with gas’. The simple reason being, they don’t have a natural gas connection on their street. It’s not unusual for a gas plumber in Sydney to be asked ‘Can I connect gas to my Sydney property?’, but each case is different. Here are the steps needed to check if gas is available in your street, and what your options are if not.

How can I check if gas is available in my street?

The NSW natural gas network is available in many parts of Sydney. The only way to confirm whether there is a pipeline in your street (and one which can readily be connected to) is by heading to the Jemena website and entering your street address and postcode to check the availability of natural gas in your area.

If natural gas is available in your street, you as the home owner will need to lodge a request for a natural gas connection. The request needs to explain the intention of wanting to replace one or more appliances that use electricity or LPG to natural gas appliances.

Once the application is complete, a connection offer will be made within 10 days. Usually there is no charge for a basic connection. However, if a connection is deemed not ‘basic’ (for example, because traffic control is needed), then charges will apply for the connection.

Once a connection point has been placed at your property, your gas plumber will be able to connect your natural gas appliances accordingly. It’s important to note that your plumber can not organise the natural gas connection from the gas main to your property. This must be done by the natural gas network. The plumber can only install gas – that is, run pipework from the gas meter to your house and appliances for a standard connection or install a path valve and gas meter and then to appliances for a non-standard connection.

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What if there is no natural gas connection in my area

If there is not a natural gas line in your area, you can choose to use electricity to run your appliances, or use LPG (gas bottles). LPG gas bottles will need to be changed over every couple of months, or once the gas has run out. There are important requirements on the placement of gas bottles on your property. Your gas plumber will know what these standards are for Sydney properties and ensure the installation abides by them.

Gas appliances are generally more energy efficient and can be cheaper to run. If natural gas is unavailable, then LPG is a reliable alternative. If in doubt, always contact an experienced gas plumber who understands Sydney property requirements.

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