Stink Pipe sewer vent

Do I Need a Stink Pipe? Sewer Vents are Ugly…But Yes, You Do.

Stink Pipe sewer vent

Sewer Vents or “Stink Pipes” are an important part of your plumbing

A sewer vent is a penetration through your roof which you may never have thought twice about. It’s an essential part of your drainage system and can sometimes be nicknamed a “stink pipe.” When a stink pipe is installed correctly, it can ensure the plumbing to your home works as it was designed to.  

Here is everything you need to know about sewer vent pipes and the important part they play to the plumbing of your home.  

What is a stink pipe?

A sewer vent can also be commonly known as a “stink pipe.”  The name is associated with the foul smells that can escape from the top of the vent.  

To find the sewer vent at your home, it’s the pipe that protrudes through the roof of your house most commonly installed near the toilet.  

What is the purpose of the sewer vent?

Essentially every drainage system to a house requires a vent. There are two purposes for the sewer vent to your home.  

The first purpose is to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. If you thought walking into the toilet after someone has done a number 2 was a nasty experience… consider walking around your house smelling the entire household’s bathroom activity because there is no vent. It’s a horrid thought but one that can be avoided when a vent pipe has been installed to your home.  

And the second purpose for a vent pipe, which is just as important as the first, is to balance the air pressure in the sewer system. Air can enter through the vent pipe to ensure waste water can flow more easily through your drains.  

Can I remove my stink pipe?

Removing the sewer vent pipe to your home can have unwanted consequences. If you don’t have a stink pipe or it has been installed incorrectly, you may experience the following; 

  • Backflow of sewerage as the air flow assists the waste water in the pipe to drain away from the house towards the main sewer.  
  • Gurgling sounds where air is being sucked out causing dry traps in your shower and floor waste.  
  • Sewerage smells entering the home.  

If you notice any of the above occur in your home, this may be a sign there is something wrong with your sewer vent pipe or you may not have one installed at all.  

Vent pipes play an important role in the drainage of your home. If you have gurgling sounds or have started to notice sewer smells in your bathroom, it may be time to call Gladesville Plumbing to investigate the problem.  


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