Euro Laundry installation in hall cupboard

Euro Laundry Installation – How to Minimise Space, Costs and Regrets!

Euro Laundry installation in hall cupboard

Great space saving Euro laundries rely on good design

A European style laundry is a great space-saving option in apartments or small homes. A stylishly integrated Euro laundry frees up space that can be used for an ensuite, extra bedroom, or living area. This article will show you how to design the most practical European laundry for your home and avoid any Euro laundry regrets! 

What is a Euro Laundry?

A Euro laundry is hidden behind doors in a small space like a hallway cupboard, or tucked into the corner of a garage, kitchen, or bathroom. European houses can be considerably smaller than Australian homes and often lack room for a separate laundry. 

Legal requirements of a compact laundry

Before you start planning, it’s important to remember that a laundry sink is a legal requirement to meet building codes in Australia. The sink must be at least 36 litre capacity and connected to hot and cold water.  

Euro laundry in a bathroom cupboard

No Euro laundry regrets

When building or renovating a home, priority is given to the “fun” spaces, like living areas, spacious bedrooms, and luxury bathrooms. The laundry tags along as a necessary afterthought. These tips will keep your Euro laundry practical. 


Install your Euro laundry near a bathroom, kitchen, or powder room to take advantage of existing plumbing and minimise extra plumbing costs. 

Some dryers require access to external venting. Heat pump dryers don’t need to vent but do need to drain. Easy access to your yard is great if you line dry. 

Position your compact laundry away from bedrooms, study areas, or relaxation areas if the noise is likely to disturb you.  

Install bright, cool lighting, especially if no natural light source is available. 


Minimise noise disturbance by installing solid doors, soundproof plasterboard, and vibration pads. Insulation behind the plasterboard will also help. 

Practical space saving 

Combination washer-dryers allow for more overhead cupboards. They’re a great option for anyone who doesn’t have heaps of washing to get through, or who likes to chuck a load in the wash before going to work and come home to ready-dried clothes. 

Take advantage of vertical space with a dryer above a front-load washer. Consider elevating the washer (with a storage drawer underneath) to make it easier to load and unload. 

A fold-out ironing board is a convenient addition. 

The sink has to be there even if you don’t plan to use it. Maximise folding space with a removable sink cover. 

Loving your new Euro laundry

For a practical Euro laundry installation you will love, just call Joe and the team at Gladesville Plumbing.  


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