Toilet Noise

Toilet Noise – WHAT IS THAT NOISE?

Toilet Noise

Bathroom Toilet Noise – WHAT IS THAT SOUND?

After spending a substantial amount of time at home in lockdown in Sydney, you may have come across various noises in your household. Toilet noise is one such sound which can be annoying to hear, but it’s also an audible sign your toilet may not be operating at its best.  Let’s explore the common noises toilets may make and what they mean.  

Toilet Noise 1: Constant dripping/water running

If you can hear a constant dripping or water running sound, check the toilet bowl. If you can see a clear water run line from the cistern to the water seal in the toilet bowl, the toilet cistern rubber seal will need to be replaced.  

Toilet Noise 2: Cistern refilling when no one has used the toilet

The constant refilling noise a cistern can make when no one has used the toilet, also known as ghost flushing, requires an investigation into the valves and rubber washers in the cistern. A plumber can investigate and replace the parts.  While this noise is annoying, it’s also an indicator to get this looked at as soon as possible as it will increase your water usage and therefore your water bill.  

Toilet Noise 3: High pitched hiss when refilling cistern

A hissing or high squealing sound can often happen when the cistern refills after being flushed. The sound is caused by air moving in the cistern and through the valve. It’s a sign for the inlet valve to be replaced. Ideally, remove the cistern lid to find the location of the sound and organise a replacement of the part.  

Toilet Noise 4: Gurgling after flushing

If you can hear a gurgling sound after flushing the toilet, there may be a problem with the vent.  More commonly, this could be a sign of a blockage.  

The blockage may be something caught beyond the trap of the toilet bowl or it could be a blockage further down the sewer line. A simple plunge with a plunger may push the blockage past the trap, but if this doesn’t fix the problem, a plumber will need to be called to investigate and flush out the blockage to put a stop to the gurgling sound in your toilet.  

A toilet should typically make a sound only when someone has flushed it. The sound of the flush and the refilling of the cistern are normal noises which are associated with usage of the fixture.  

But if the toilet makes sounds during the day or night when it isn’t being used, sourcing where the sound is coming from is a good place to start investigating the cause and rectification.  

If toilet noises are getting you down, contact Joe from Gladesville Plumbing. Restore peace in your household with a less noisy toilet. It will make a remarkable difference to the function of your toilet and possibly your water bill.  

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