Dishwasher plumbing problems

Dishwasher Plumbing Problems – Signs You Need To Call Joe!

Dishwasher plumbing problems can vary from water not filling the appliance, to having the bottom cavity full of water because it won’t drain away. 

There are some dishwasher problems a plumber can fix. For all other issues, it will need the expertise of an appliance technician to rectify. 

Here are the most common dishwasher plumbing problems, and who to call when they do occur.  

Dishwasher plumbing problems

1. No water filling the dishwasher when it’s on

When water doesn’t fill the dishwasher, this is a plumbing problem and can require a call out to Joe. Before you make that call, check the water hasn’t been turned off to your property. If the water is off in your area, Joe won’t be able to help with that as you will need to wait until the water is turned back on. 

If the water is on to your property, check the tap feeding water to your dishwasher is still turned on. If you’re not able to tell, grab a bucket or shallow ice cream container, turn the tap off, unscrew the water hose and test the tap on and off. If no water is coming through the tap when it’s turned on, it’s time to call a Residential Plumber to replace the faulty stop tap. 

If you have found no issues with water supply to your dishwasher, it may be the flood stop valve which is faulty. Many flood stop valves are built into the water hose. In this instance, it’s time to call an appliance technician to fix it for you. 

2. Water leaking from dishwasher

If you find a wet puddle around your dishwasher or inside the cabinet under the sink, this is a sign your dishwasher is leaking. 

You will need to investigate whether the water is leaking all the time or only when the dishwasher is on. 

The location of the leak will also give clues to the source and this will determine who to call. 

If the water is leaking from the waste or water connections, call a plumber to fix it for you. 

When the water is leaking from the bottom of the appliance, this is an appliance issue and requires the expertise of a technician. 

3. Dirty Water Won’t Drain Away

When a full load has been placed on and the water won’t drain away, there are two possible problems causing this issue. 

The first place to look at is the waste connection pipe. Check if the sink backs up when you turn the sink mixer on. If the water fills the sink, this is a sign of a blockage. In this circumstance, call a plumber to remove the blockage. 

If the sink doesn’t back up, the blockage could be only in the hose. You could try to dislodge this or call Gladesville to check over for you. 

If there is no blockage, it may be the dishwasher pump. It’s time to call an appliance technician to fix or replace the faulty pump in the dishwasher. 

Be sure to clean your dishwasher each month to prevent a backup of grime in the waste pipes. This will ensure your dishwasher runs at its optimum. 

For all your dishwasher plumbing problems, make Gladesville Plumbing your first plumber to call.

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