Unblock Your Drains

Exactly WHO Pays to Unblock Your Drains?

As a homeowner, there’s almost nothing that strikes fear in the heart (and the wallet) like blocked drains. They can be prohibitively expensive, time consuming to fix, and they can make your home unliveable for the duration of the fix.  

But whose responsibility is it to pay? What can you expect from your insurers? Or even the council? Here’s what you need to know moving forward.  

Unblock Your DrainsWhen its YOUR responsibility

Feeling guilty? You should. If the blocked drains are the result of action on your part then you will be footing the entirety of the bill. An assessment by a plumber will be able to give you the information that you need. Brace yourself if it’s your responsibility to pay – you might be in for an unfortunate surprise.  

When its your INSURER’S responsibility

You will need to refer to your Product Disclosure Agreement and chat with your insurer. Accept that, depending on the type and place of blockage, there may very well be nothing that they can do to help you. On the other hand, it could very well be covered by your policy so this is the first port of call when it comes to figuring out who will be paying for your blocked drains.  

However, if the root cause of your blocked drains is as a result of human error (for example, putting things down the toilet that you shouldn’t), you will sadly find that your insurer will have no responsibility. Their assessor will be able to ascertain whether or not they are obliged to make payment.  

When it’s the COUNCIL’S responsibility

If the main sewer line is the cause of the blocked drain, then your local council will be expected to help cover the costs. The trick here is to get the plumbing reports and the insurance assessor’s information and move forward that way. If you’ve dealt with council before, you’ll know that this is a protracted, time consuming process so strap yourself in for a long ride.  

Who pays for blocked drains?

Blocked drains are a pain no matter how you look at it. Determining the cause of the problem will help you ascertain who might be able to assist you in paying to fix the problem. Good luck! 

Blocked drains getting you down? Let us help you navigate this turbulent time. Contact Gladesville Plumbing Services today.


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