Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom Trends for 2022

Bathroom Trends 2022

Designing a New Bathroom?  Here are the Bathroom Trends 2022

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? You will want to know the bathroom trends 2022 has in store. Current trends can be a great jumping off point to inspire and influence your design.  

The last two years have seen a focus on bathrooms becoming a retreat with a day-spa experience where one can relax and unwind.  

Of course, all design trends need to be functional for your bathroom. It’s also important in the planning stage to ensure the drainage and water points are installed to suit your chosen fixtures and tapware. This can be achieved by giving specifications and measurements of the fixtures to your plumber at the beginning of the renovation or new build project.  

The selections will need to be well considered during the planning stage of your new bathroom. 

Here are the bathroom trends we will see emerge in 2022 and what plumbing considerations need to be allowed for in the design.  

2022 Bathroom Trend 1: Freestanding Bath

The freestanding bath is a luxury fixture which will continue to be a prominent trend in bathroom designs for 2022.  

A focus on wellness and relaxation has influenced bathroom designs over the years. This can be achieved with a deep soak in a freestanding bath.  

It’s important to always measure twice when allowing for a freestanding bath installation. There should be an allowance of at least 100mm around the bath to allow for easy cleaning.  

It’s also crucial to consider the drain position of the bath for a hassle-free installation.  

When choosing your freestanding bath, make note of the waste outlet position – whether it’s in the middle or at the end of the bath. This orientation will need to be communicated to the plumber during the rough in of drainage stage.  

The tapware and spout will also need to be chosen to suit the height of your freestanding bath.  

2022 Bathroom Trend 2: Floating Vanity

A floating vanity can help a small bathroom feel bigger. It also gives the illusion of floor space as the vanity is hung off the wall.  

If you decide to install a floating vanity, the plumber will need to know the specifications to rough in the waste and water pipes from behind the wall.  

What makes a vanity ‘float’ is the concealment of the plumbing within the vanity cabinetry. If the plumbing can’t be brought up through the stud wall, and must come up through the floor, the pipework may need to be boxed in.  

2022 Bathroom Trend 3: Smart Flush Toilets

Smart flush toilets are common in Japan and Europe, but in Australia they are slowly emerging as the throne of choice in bathrooms.  

While they are more expensive to acquire than a traditional toilet suite, there are various functions like a bidet flush and rimless pan for easy cleaning. The upgrade of design and function of smart flush toilets allow for a more hygienic experience.   

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation for 2022, make Gladesville Plumbing your first point of call.

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