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Unique Plumbing Challenges Of Putney

The suburb of Putney lies on the northern banks of the Parramatta River, north-west of Sydney. The suburb is known for its charming waterfront location with a mixture of homes built in the 1950’s, as well as some more modern mansions. Whether you have a historic home or a contemporary property, Putney can provide some unique plumbing challenges. Here are some of the typical issues that a plumber in Putney will come across.

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Drain blockages

Drain blockages are a common plumbing issue, no matter where you live. However, in homes that are decades old, and use the existing clay pipes for sewerage, it’s a more common issue than most.
Clay pipes are known to crack from tree roots or movement in the ground. This can allow for large tree roots to penetrate the orifice of the pipe, and this can cause a back-up of sewerage. The best way to avoid blocked drains in Putney is to check the state of your sewer pipes. If they are clay or earthenware, consider getting a quote to have them replaced with PVC. The cost and inconvenience of your time in calling out a plumber to unblock the pipes can be avoided by simply replacing the existing sewer.

Back-up of sewerage in house

If the house was built pre-1990’s, there may be no overflow relief gully (ORG). An ORG is a mandatory fitting that prevents the backflow of the street’s sewerage into your home should the main sewer block up. Any new builds or renovated houses will have an ORG. It is a grated drain that will be located outside your property. If the street sewer backs up, it will allow the overflow of sewerage to come through this grated drain outside, rather than through a drain in your house. If your house in Putney doesn’t have an ORG, Gladesville Plumbing are able to give you a quote to get one installed. It’s mandatory that all houses have one.

Slow water pressure due to gal pipe

Galvanised steel was used in houses to run the water lines in the 1970’s and 80’s. Any houses that still have gal pipes for their water lines will notice slow water pressure, and sometimes brown water coming through the taps. The reason for this is that gal pipe will accumulate a rusty sediment inside the orifice of the pipe over time. This can cause the hole inside the pipe to diminish, which causes less water pressure. It can also taint the water to a brown colour.
The only way to get better water pressure and stop brown water running through the tap is by replacing all the water lines in the house with copper pipe. This can be a big job. If you’re looking to renovate your older home, it’s best to wait and get a quote and replace the pipes while other work is being carried out.
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