Planning a renovation

Planning a Renovation During Lockdown? Here’s the Insider Tips

Planning a renovation

Planning a Renovation During Lockdown? Here’s the Insider Tips

Has being in lockdown prompted the desire for renovations? Are you itching to update your home or just give it some well overdue love? You are not alone! 

Thousands of Australians are spending their days, weeks, and unfortunately for some, months in lockdown. Stuck inside the four walls of their home, the yearning for something new and fresh has people everywhere planning a renovation. This is great… but it also means you need to be prepared to pounce the second lockdown is over.  

Things to consider when planning a renovation in lockdown

When lockdown finally lifts, there is going to be a huge RUSH on tradies as everyone will be dying to get the job done after sitting at home hating their kitchen or bathroom. So, here are some red-hot tips for planning your home reno. 

  • Get costings early – secure costings during the lockdown so you are ready for when it lifts, or when it’s safe to have multiple tradies in your home.  
  • Price it out – work out your budget and how much is required for materials and tradies. 
  • Choose the tradies in advance – do your research. Read as many reviews as you can and if possible, view close-up images of the work they have previously done – like these projects from Gladesville Plumbing Services.  
  • Book your tradies early – book in as early as you can because all the tradies and businesses will be busy. Even the smallest lockdown of a few weeks can result in months of backlog as schedules are pushed back further and further.  
  • Know your limits – considering DIY? If you are planning on giving DIY a go, know what your limits are. Don’t make the mistake of overcommitting yourself and making a mistake that requires an emergency call to a tradie to fix. You might just find yourself at the end of a long waiting list.  

Life is stressful at moment. Things are very uncertain. And everyone is looking for anything to bring a little bit of joy to their lives. For many, that means making small changes around the home that they’ve never had time to do previously. For others, it might be just to fill the void of working. But whatever it is, planning a renovation should be exciting and give you something to look forward to. It should be a happy change. 

Don’t let your renovation add unnecessary pressure to this difficult time. Follow these insider tips and enjoy your new home improvements as soon as lockdown is over.  

Book your tradie now so you beat the rush! 


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