Propane Gas Fittings on gas bottles

Natural Vs Propane Gas Fitting – What’s Involved?

Propane Gas Fittings on gas bottles

Is there a difference between a Propane Gas Fitting and a Natural Gas Fitting?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a propane gas fitting as opposed to a natural gas fitting? Can the fittings be used for either of the gases? The answer to the question is no, they can’t be used for either and it’s a very dangerous situation if the fittings aren’t correctly installed to the right fuel source.  

How to know if you need propane or natural gas fittings

Propane fittings are needed when your gas supply is from a bottle. It’s more commonly known as LPG and is used for firing up a barbeque, or being the only gas supply to a home that doesn’t have a metered gas connection.  

Natural gas is methane and it is the gas which is pumped through a pipe from your meter to your home. It’s the most consistent supply of gas to your home as you don’t have to worry about changing bottles if you run out of gas.  

Why Propane Gas Fittings Differ to Natural Gas

Propane gas fittings will have a smaller orifice than those used for natural gas. The jets and pressure regulators need to be changed to suit a propane gas installation.  

The reason for the difference in orifice for the jets and fittings is because propane is more dense than natural gas. As the propane is gas in liquefied form, it has a greater capacity to burn intensely than natural gas due to being a higher pressure when released from the bottle. This is why the fittings differ and why it’s important to engage with a licensed gas fitter when installing gas appliances to your home.  

Who should install gas appliances to your home?

Understanding the difference between the two gases is important because mixing the fittings can lead to a dangerous outcome for a homeowner.  

A plumber who is also a licensed gas fitter can change over the fittings on your appliance to ensure it suits the fuel source.  

Not all appliances can be configured to suit the gas source at your house though, so it is best to check the specifications. Some appliances will supply the gas fittings so the appliance can be altered to suit either gas. However, some appliances are fitted to suit the gas they have been manufactured to use.  

If you have a gas appliance that needs to be altered and installed, don’t hesitate to give Joe from Gladesville Plumbing a call. You can be confident the right fittings will be used for the gas source of your appliance.

Contact the team today to organise a call out.  


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