Renovated kitchen - capitalise on growth in Gladesville with a kitchen or bathroom renovation

Renovating in Gladesville? How to Capitalise on that CRAZY Growth

Renovated kitchen - capitalise on growth in Gladesville with a kitchen or bathroom renovation

Thinking of selling your Gladesville property? Kitchen and bathroom renovations are a sure-fire way to capitalise on the insane growth in property prices locally. Presenting your property for sale is all about selling a lifestyle. Offering a prospective buyer the opportunity to snag a beautifully modernised home in their area of choice will maximise buyer interest and your ultimate selling price. 

Why complete kitchen and bathroom renovations before selling?

While the exponential rise in property prices around the country has been a hot topic in the media for months now, Gladesville has done particularly well. With the median house sale price increasing by an impressive 23% in the last twelve months, the average Gladesville homeowner is looking at an impressive return when selling.  

But what else can be done to supercharge your sale price? 

Quite simply, updating your kitchen and bathrooms will generally make the most impact. This is because, across the board, these are the areas which, if dated, put buyers off or prompt lowball offers. 

Maximise your Return on Investment (ROI) when renovating

In order to maximise your ROI when renovating your house for sale, it is important to make sure you take the time to plan carefully. While you may not be as personally invested in the look of the bathroom or kitchen because you intend to sell, remember that the reason you are updating is to maximise the appeal of your property for buyers. Never underestimate the power of sleek bathroom and kitchen renovations. Gladesville homes that look a little dated can be significantly enhanced when these spaces are refreshed. 

Hot tips: 

  • Design your renovation to fit the market, not current trends. For example, if you’re selling a family home, think twice before ripping out the bath for a trendy double sink. While it may look amazing, buyers with children are likely to scratch your property off the list.  
  • Avoid polarising colours, fittings, and tiles. You may adore the latest burnt umber bath, tap, and tile selections, but those options might be a bit much for prospective buyers. More subdued choices may be less exciting but will maximise the number of buyers interested in your Gladesville property.  
  • Don’t cut corners with unreliable tradies. Selecting experienced, reliable trade professionals can help you finish your bathroom and kitchen renovations on time and on budget.  

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