Stormwater pump - used for stormwater prevention

Stormwater Pumps – Is My Property Suited to Stormwater Prevention?

Stormwater pump - used for stormwater prevention

Is a Stormwater Pump suitable for my home?

Does your backyard fill up like a swimming pool each time a heavy downpour occurs during a storm? 

Has your house flooded consistently over the last two years of La Nina conditions in Sydney? 

Stormwater pumps may be the installation you need to protect your home from flooding this summer season.  

While stormwater pumps have been more suited for commercial installations like carparks, streets, and alleyways, they can also be a preventative measure for residential homes where the backyard fills like a pool when a heavy storm event hits.  

Find out all you need to know about stormwater pumps and whether they will be an applicable installation for your home.  

What is a stormwater pump?

A stormwater pump station is shaped like a deep bucket with a grated lid and submersible pump at the bottom. The station will collect stormwater and pump out the discharge rather than rely on gravity or fall of pipework to redirect water away from your home. The pump pushes the stormwater through the use of extra pressure and assists in better drainage of rainwater to the stormwater network.  

Which properties suit a stormwater pump?

If your property is prone to stormwater flooding during storms or a heavy rain event, a stormwater pump will be additional peace of mind to prevent an accumulation of rainwater damaging your home.  

Properties that would suit a stormwater pump include: 

  • Properties with sloping backyards that fill up quickly when it rains 
  • Properties with retaining walls that turn into waterfalls during a storm 
  • Any property that wishes to prevent water seepage into their home – especially homes in low lying areas where flooding is a regular occurrence 

What’s involved with the installation of a stormwater pump?

Stormwater pumps should be installed by a licensed plumber to ensure the correct placement for optimal discharge of water from the backyard.  

The best time to install a stormwater pump is during winter and spring before summer storm season hits. Peak demand hits in the summer season when the rains start. Ideally, your plumber can design the best stormwater drainage system to protect your property from a deluge of water.  

However, it’s important to remember that a stormwater pump is a preventative measure. It is not a guaranteed way to stop stormwater entering your home. 

If you believe your property would benefit from the installation of a stormwater pump, just call Joe at Gladesville Plumbing. Joe will advise on the best stormwater pump application for your backyard needs.  

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