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Industrial to Residential – The Plumbing Problems That Arise in Meadowbank

Once a light industrial suburb, Meadowbank has rapidly risen with mass apartment blocks to provide affordable housing to working Millennials. Within 17 km of Sydney’s city centre, its affordability and proximity to the city has seen many young people flock to the area.

Meadowbank sits on the Parramatta River, offering water views which add a relaxed yet upmarket vibe to the area. The transport options make it a viable area for young people to reside and easily get to the city for work.

While flooding and water damage is not a danger to the area, there are plumbing problems that can arise from suburbs which have rapidly transformed with apartment blocks. Unfortunately, the Opal Tower building defects, which have left residents in limbo with no home and no insurance to claim on, will not be a rare phenomenon. It pays to be wise about the apartment block you invest into, and to get adequate Surveyance checks to ensure the apartment you buy won’t turn into a lemon.

In terms of plumbing, Meadowbank homes have issues that you should know about. If the apartment is fairly new, check if the problem can be fixed under warranty. Often, an issue is directed to a plumber, before asking the right channels if it is still under warranty.

Plumbing in Meadowbank – problems to be aware of

While the apartments may be fairly modern and new, it’s important to check for:

  • Flexible hoses connected to tapware. These can be found in the vanity and kitchen cupboards, and the stop tap leading to the cistern. Check for rust or unravelling of the metallic fibres. Any identified damage should be replaced immediately. Consider getting stop taps installed on all taps to ensure burst pipes can be isolated to the fixture.
  • Waterproofing issues. The most common defects in apartments which have been built quickly is inadequate waterproofing. While not a plumbing issue, preventing water travelling to the apartment next door or downstairs is an issue you want to avoid. Your plumber can test for shower leaks to see if the water is travelling from the shower waste.
  • Smells from inadequate venting. Each fixture should have a trap to prevent sewer gases from escaping the fixture. If the fixture hasn’t be vented correctly, you can experience smells and siphonage.
  • Blocked toilets. Blocked toilets are not an isolated plumbing problem. They are universal and can occur in apartments, too. This can be due to offset pan connectors or incorrect items being flushed down the toilet, causing a major blockage to the sewer stack in the apartment block. In an apartment block, it’s even more crucial for only poo, pee and paper to be flushed down the toilet, because anything else can block the main sewer everyone’s toilet is connected to.

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