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Tennyson Point Plumbing Tips

If you’re living in Tennyson Point, our plumbing tips are going to help you when the unexpected happens. Our experience in helping Tennyson Point residents has allowed us to compile a list of plumbing tips which will assist you, the resident, with the overall plumbing health of your property.  

The inner Sydney suburb of Tennyson Point is home to just over 1200 residents. It offers waterfront living, and convenient transport and shopping for those who want the best of suburban life, yet close proximity to the city.  

The homes at Tennyson Point range from older homes with character to renovated mansions. 

Despite the vast contrast of dwelling types, they can all experience similar plumbing issues and preventative maintenance can help you avoid the unexpected. 

Tennyson Point Plumbing

Plumbing Tip 1: Regularly service gas appliances

Tennyson Point homes have the best of the best when it comes to services and appliances. Gas is said to be the best way to cook food, and an instantaneous gas hot water unit can produce hot water in an instant. But these appliances do need to have a service every two years to ensure they are running at their optimum and to test for carbon monoxide. 

Plumbing Tip 2: Regularly check flexible hose connections

It can be an inconvenience to repair water damage to the interior of a home. Unfortunately, flexible hoses can cause a major headache to homeowners with unexpected water damage. 

It’s important to check for corrosion or fraying of flexible hose connections under mixer taps and at the toilet cistern. They should be replaced if there is any identifiable damage or rust to prevent it splitting or bursting unexpectedly. It is important to note that flexible hoses are required to be replaced at least every 10 years as per manufactures recommendations.

Plumbing Tip 3: Inspect gutters and downpipes for blockages

Many of the homes in Tennyson Point have a flat roofline so it is imperative for gutters and downpipes to be clear of debris. Blockages to these stormwater channels can potentially cause internal flooding under the eaves and roof cavity, causing significant damage to the ceiling of the home. This can be prevented with a regular inspection of the gutters and downpipes. Use a hose to see how the water travels down your gutters and downpipes to identify any blockages. 

Plumbing Tip 4: Have Gladesville Plumbing as a top contact for all your Tennyson Point Plumbing needs

When a plumbing issue does occur, it can be an inconvenience and an unexpected hit to the budget. You will want the job to be investigated and fixed efficiently. Be sure to make Gladesville Plumbing your first call – we’re experienced in all sorts of plumbing issues in Tennyson Point. It pays to call a plumber with suburban experience and who services the area locally. 

These plumbing tips for Tennyson Point will help you in maintaining your home. And if a problem arises, be sure to call Gladesville Plumbing for friendly and professional plumbing service.


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