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Leaking Taps? Why You Should Have Them Fixed Now by Gladesville Plumbing


Why You Should Have Your Leaking Taps Fixed

If you’ve got leaking taps, generally you will know. The drip, drip, drip of taps is enough to make anyone quickly call to have them fixed. At other times, you may not even notice your taps are leaking. Either way, there are many reasons why you need to get your leaking taps fixed. Here are top tips to help you make the call.

1. Save money

The first main reason you should have that leaking tap fixed is because it is costing you money! Every drop is added onto your usage for your household and is billed. With every dollar being important for household items, if you can save money or stop wasting it, it’s important to do anything you can. The cost of fixing a leaking tap will be much less than the extra charges in water consumption.

2. Save water

With water becoming a resource that needs to be saved, it’s important that leaking taps are identified and fixed as quickly as possible. It will not only help the hip pocket but will also mean that this valuable resource is preserved as much as possible.

3. Cause bigger issues

An innocent leaking tap that doesn’t appear to affect much can often have more devastating effects. If leaking water is allowed to pool or overflow in areas of the home, you may be up for more extensive damage. Maybe your child accidentally left the plug in the bath and before you know it, the annoying drip, drip of the tap could turn into a disaster with damage to the bathroom and floor coverings. Not to mention if it extends further in the house and damages priceless items.

4. Get a licensed plumber

Fixing a leaking tap is not something that should be a DIY activity for the weekend. What might seem like an easy thing to do, can become even more costly if something goes wrong. With licensing rules in place in NSW, by engaging a licensed plumber you know the job will be done correctly the first time. This will mean more money in your pocket when you avoid wasting water and further damage from a dodgy job.

Need help fixing a leaking tap? Your local plumber in Parramatta is available to help you out.  

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