Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations

Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations – From the Ground Up

Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations

Get a Plumber’s Tips to Cost Effective Kitchen Renovations

If you’re after tips on cost effective kitchen renovations, your plumber can guide you on ways to keep well within your budget.  

It seems renovations continue to be on the to-do list for many Australian property owners. As a result, demand on materials and labour has seen a lift in the average cost of a kitchen upgrade.  

The saying goes that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but during a pandemic, they can also upgrade a home to a finer living standard.  

The average cost of a kitchen renovation is $42,000, but this figure can vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the design, and the materials selected.   

If you’re looking for cost effective kitchen renovation tips, plumbing is an important consideration. When you think about your kitchen renovation from the ground up, you can effectively manage the renovation budget without blowing it out unnecessarily.  

Cost Effective Kitchen Renovation Tip One: Keep plumbing in the same position

Keeping the plumbing in the same position will prevent costs in relocating the waste and water services to the new sink location.  

This is especially important when renovating a kitchen on a slab floor. Concrete saw cutting costs for drainage can be mitigated when utilising the existing locations of the waste pipe. Certainly keep this in mind when designing your new kitchen as it will save costs on labour and installation.  

Cost Effective Kitchen Renovation Tip Two: Don’t be swayed by trends

Choosing your sink and tapware can be overwhelming when there are trends dictating what is popular right now.  

Your kitchen will be in your home for a long time and trends can come and go. Consider choosing finishes which are classic and easy to keep clean.  

Stainless steel sinks and chrome mixer taps are cost effective to purchase and are usually in plentiful supply. They work with most kitchen colour schemes and come in a range of designs and sizes to choose from.   

Cost Effective Kitchen Renovation Tip Three: Always use a licensed plumber

When installing gas, water or drainage to the kitchen, ensure these works are installed by a licensed plumber.  

While there have been trade labour shortages due to demand, it has prompted an opportunity to cut corners with DIY installations. Despite being ‘cost-effective’ during the renovation, it can be costly to rectify later if the installation hasn’t been done to standard, or an issue comes to light causing significant damage to the home.  

Always use a licensed plumber to:  

  • Disconnect and cap existing services for the kitchen demolition 
  • Rough in drainage, water and gas services  
  • Install taps, sinks and appliances, e.g., dishwasher and/or gas stove. 

If you’re looking for a plumber for your kitchen renovation in Sydney, be sure to contact the team at Gladesville Plumbing for a quote. We’d love to see your dream kitchen become a reality.  

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